PBIS Kickoff

Rylee Greenwalt, Chieftain Editor

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PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention System. Our school participates in this system by setting monthly goals, handing out Indian Bucks for outstanding behavior, activities during a school day, and having drawings and silent auctions at the end of each semester. Our Indian Tribe is trustworthy, respectful, individuals building education and community. The High School PBIS Classroom Expectations are to be respectful toward teachers and peers, responsible for homework, and to be ready to start the day with a positive attitude.

Friday, September 7 was the PBIS Kickoff; Ms. Smith worked very hard on gearing the kickoff toward the theme “Purpose.” Keynote speaker, Gerry Kinney gave a motivating speech at nine that morning in the gym where seventh through twelfth grade was invited to attend. Gerry Kinney opened up to a question and answer following his motivating speech. Volunteers from the audience assisted Kinney in taking off his prosthetics. At the end students witnessed Kinney reassembling his prosthetics.  Ms. Smith and guest speaker Rick Hays also spoke at breakout stations during the day. Ms. Smith focused on explaining the expectations for PBIS, and Rick’s message was on “Choices.” A relay took place in the gym with Mrs. Johnson along with Minute to Win It games in Ms. Rodgers and Mrs. Sowa’s room. The First Christian Church provided a variety of snacks and water for the students which took place in Mrs. Miller’s room. September’s goal for the month is no tardies; it is from September 11-28, so be ready and don’t be late!

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