Kick Up Your Boots

Alivia Dillman

This year on October 5, 2018 student council will be hosting prom backwards aka morp. This will be the second year that they will be hosting morp. Tickets will be on sale starting September 28. There will be dancing and food. It will be a good time for the students and their friends. The art club will make the background for the morp court and a background for the high school students to take pictures with their friends so they can make memories. 

The Juniors and Seniors will be voting next Monday. There will be one Freshman and Sophomore couple on the court. There is two Junior couples and three  Seniors couples on the court. There will be a DJ, a dance floor, and a lot of dancing. The students will be having a fun time laughing, dancing, and just hanging out with their friends. The dance will start at 6:00 and get over at 10:00. It will be a good time, and it will be a good way to get to know more of their classmates and to get closer with the rest of the students. Come have fun on October 5 and make some memories.