Florida Man: Back At It Again – This Time With 200 Illegal Lobsters

Dawson Barnard

Yordy Escalante Carrillo of Marathon, Florida, was up to some really fishy business when he was caught with nearly 200 illegally harvested lobsters.  Monroe County deputy, Michael Maleta, was patrolling around 10:30 p.m. and pulled Carrillo over for having an unreadable license plate tag.

It was reported that Carrillo’s car smelled of burnt marijuana, but he denied having any illegal substances in the vehicle.  While the vehicle was being searched, a Rubbermaid bowl was found filled with lobster tails. In total, Carrillo had 191 lobsters, which he had speared that night.  He caught these lobsters without a commercial license.

The legal limit for lobsters caught in Monroe County is six per person each day. 150 of the lobsters Carrillo caught were undersized, which adds an offense to his case.  Every hunting or conservation violation in Monroe County is a second-degree misdemeanor. State Attorney Dennis Ward said that the amount of lobsters Carrillo had caught moved the charge to a third-degree felony.  This could leave Carrillo with a five year prison sentence or a $5,000 fine. While there is no telling what Carrillo aimed to do with these lobster tails, one can only assume he was planning to throw the biggest lobster boil that Marathon County had ever seen.