Money to Burn

Shauna Roesch

On Thursday, September 13th, it was that time of year again. No, it wasn’t the start of fall, even though the weather is starting to cool off. It was the time of year when the WCHS yearbook staff headed out to sell ads.


Before the staff broke into groups of two or three and headed to the towns of Fairfield, Mt. Vernon, and McLeansboro, they each went visited a few businesses in Wayne City. The goal of selling ads is to promote the businesses that buy, reduce the cost of each yearbook for the students, and to provide new ideas of places for students to visit and shop. “We always try to sell as many [ads] as we can to bring our school the best book possible, it’s just a bonus that we get our book free if we sell the most.” Senior, Hanah Cooper, stated with a smile about the ad sales.


They may have spent all Thursday selling ads, but the work doesn’t stop there, the whole next week and many days after they will be busy sending out bills, designing the ads for many of the business, continuing to make sales over the phone, and placing the ads in the perfect spot in our yearbook.  


The yearbook staff works hard on this day to make the yearbook affordable and help support nearby businesses. So next time you’re looking at your yearbook, make sure to check out the ad section.