FFA Forestry and Horse Judging

Kyle Sledge

On Monday, September 10, the FFA took a group of six kids to Sam Dale Lake for the forestry judging competition.  They competed in events such as identifying trees by their leaves and bark, identifying tools, and judging whether a tree should be harvested for logs, left in the forest, or just removed.  


At Sam Dale Lake, the students each scored individually and for a team score during the events.  They finished 10th out of 11 teams. The highest scorer on the team was senior Isaac Loker, with 315 points.  They also learned about the trees by using a biltmore stick to measure the diameter of trees and count the amount of logs that could be made out of each tree.  FFA senior member Isaac Loker talked about the trip, saying, “It was interesting to be able to learn about the trees and how many logs they could produce.”


The FFA students then left after school to go to the Wayne County Fair Grounds at Fairfield.  There, volunteers brought their horses for the participants to judge. The Wayne City team finished 4th out of 12 teams, the highest scorer was sophomore Adam Loker, with 168 points.