Battle of the Classes Prep

Emilee Jones

For many students at Wayne City High School, one of the most anticipated days is Battle of the Classes. It is the day where each class participates in many activities to try and score enough points to win. To open the Battle of the Classes, each class performs a run-out. The run-outs are kept a secret until they are performed. Each class will then compete in activities such as Mummy Wrap, Musical Chairs, Dodge ball, Tug-Of-War and many more! Students spend the morning decorating a bulletin board to go along with their theme. During that time each class gets time to plan their run-out. While each class has time to plan a run-out, the other classes try to watch them practice and see what they are doing for their run-out. Each class will meet with their class sponsors beforehand and come up with a theme and shirt idea. Different classes are assigned a color for their shirts. For example, the freshman are always white, sophomores are red, juniors are black and the seniors get to choose their color. The 2018 BOTC will be held on November 20th. Despite the fact seniors normally win, juniors get second, sophomores get third and the freshman get last, it doesn’t make the classes any less competitive!