Bean Days Rodeo

Caitlyn Dickey

Every year at Bean Days, the Wayne City Saddle Club puts on a rodeo on Saturday night. This rodeo has been going on for 57 years now. Back in the day, it was a horse show behind what is now The Little Opry. The Bean Days rodeo has evolved since it has first started, but everyone still enjoys the rodeo that they put on. The rodeo includes senior bull riding, junior bull riding, mutton busting, barrel racing, and team roping.

There are many high school students that are involved in the rodeo. Some of those students are Colt Henson, Risten Kell, Jaxson Youngblood, and Adlee Stephenson. There were only two people that rode the bulls for 8 seconds this year. They were both at the junior level. Those boys were Risten Kell and Lane Frost from Kentucky. This was not Risten’s first win but he was still pretty excited about it. Risten commented, “You have three choices in life give up, give in, or give it all you got.”

Adlee Stephenson placed 3rd out of 14 in barrel racing. She was very excited that she placed 3rd. Adlee has been barrel racing for 12 years now, and she is getting better and better throughout her years of riding. There was one boy, Gus Beadles, from Edwards County High School that had a pretty good beating from one of the bulls. Gus walked out of the arena on both two feet with just a couple of injuries but nothing serious.

Overall the rodeo had a good turn out, and they are excited for the next year to come.