Senior Favorites

Shauna Roesch

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All the seniors gathered around, pencils in hand, sweat beading at their brow, tensions running high. This is one of the hardest decisions these seniors have made yet. The time is now, but what is the right choice? Choose wrong and the decision lasts a lifetime. The decision? Senior favorites.


Chosen Tuesday, August 25, the picks are as follows:


Most likely to stay in Wayne City- MaKenna Kelly and Isaac Loker

Most likely to take over the world- Trinity Krueger and Jeremy Merritt

Best Dressed- Maggie Dickey and Dalton Smith

Teachers Pet- Hanah Cooper and Dane Horton

Most likely to be a millionaire- Dawson Barnard and Chasidy Greenwalt

Best sense of humor- Caitlyn Dickey and Kyle Sledge

Most mischievous- Mitchell Leas and Cheyanne Fenton


The pictures were taken the following Wednesday by Iconik in various locations and with different props.  Make sure to purchase your 2018-2019 yearbook next week to see these pictures!


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