Who Would You Choose

Isaac Loker

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Who do you want to be your teacher?

On Friday, five Wayne City High School students were asked “If they could pick anyone in the world to be their teacher, who would they pick and why?”  Jeremy Merritt answered “Donald Trump, because I want to learn the art of the deal.” Brady Newman answered “Sharon Winkler.” Ms. Winkler was a former science teacher here at Wayne City, but has since moved on to a new teaching position at West Frankfort.  When asked why he answered Winkler, he answered, “Because I miss her, and I miss playing pranks on her.” Trinity Krueger said if there was anyone in the world she could pick, it would be more than one, she would bring back Mrs. Campbell, Ms. Webb, and if it couldn’t be more than one, she would bring back Mrs. LaDonna Talbert, “Because they are all really good teachers.”  Cheyanne Fenton said, “If I could bring back anyone, it would be Mrs. Campbell, because I really liked her teaching style.” The fifth and final student, Kyle Sledge, said if he could have anyone as his teacher, it would be Kanye West. When asked why, he answered, “He supports Donald Trump, and I want to now what’s going through his head.”

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