Drugs No More

Alivia Dillman

Red Ribbon Week is a week of supporting individuals being drug-free. Wayne City High School’s Red Ribbon team gives the students a fun week to dress up and have a great time supporting each other being drug-free. This will start on October 22 through the 25. On Monday, October 22 the theme is “There are no drugs in this cartoon club,” the students can dress in their favorite cartoon t-shirts or outfit. Tuesday, October 23 is “Kick-back and be kind day.” They can wear their pajamas to school and the Red Ribbon team will give the students a bracelet to wear. The third day is “There is no looking back; drugs aren’t in our future.” The students and staff can wear their best retro t-shirts or apparel. On October 25,  the last day of the week is, “We choose being drug-free” and they will be able to wear red to help support the Red Ribbon movement. The students will be off school on Friday, October 26. To end Red Ribbon Week, the team will host a picnic for all grades. They will be provided sack lunches and can sit outside and eat. Don’t forget to support this year’s Red Ribbon Week, October 22 – 25.