A Quarter Down, and a Lifetime to go

Dawson Barnard

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With the first quarter coming to an end, the final school year for the class of 2019 is well under way.  Deadlines are looming on scholarship applications, and college visits already being taken. It is clear that students are already beginning to determine where their futures will take them.

For example, senior Mitchell Leas plans to go to Rend Lake College for welding and transfer to Wabash Valley to study diesel technology.  He also plans to eventually open his own shop. Senior Jeremy Meritt plans to move to Missouri as soon as he graduates, so that he can qualify for in-state tuition at Missouri S&T.  He worked long and hard to study for the ACT and believes that his test scores reflect it. He is now studying for Missouri S&T’s math entry exam, and once he passes the exam, he plans to study aerospace engineering.

Senior Molly McNeil has not totally decided on what she wants to do in the future, but she seems to have big plans for herself.  She is torn between studying marine biology on the east coast at the University of North Carolina Wilmington or the University of West Florida.  She’s also considering staying closer to home and studying biology at the University of Southern Indiana. At some point, Molly would like to open a rehabilitation center for marine life and be certified to work with the animals.

While not all seniors are sure of what they want to do going forward, the countdown to graduation has started.  Ready or not, they will all be starting a new chapter in their lives.

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