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Hanah Cooper, Editor

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Love is hard enough to find, especially when you’re an emotional teenager. Wayne City High School is no exception to this. A few of the students have shared stories about their own experience in dating, and some have given very helpful advice as well.


Nate Barbee is a Senior this year. He explained about his experiences from all four years of high school. “I’ve dated someone new every year,” Barbee started. “So here’s my rundown of dating- pros and cons. As a freshman, you’re new to the whole ‘dating thing.’ It’s the first relationship in your life that really counts. Plus, you seem cooler if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. However, there is a downside, too. It’s an awkward part of your life and never really ends in a successful relationship.


“Once you get into your sophomore, you better understand the dating process and therefore you try harder. The pros and cons of this are pretty much the same: you’re 16 and it’s your ‘first love.’ It’s a lot of heartbreak.


“Then, junior year hits. You don’t really know what you want, but by now you think you’re a pro at dating and that you’ve got it all under control and worked out. Simplicity is key. Really, this is a good time to try and find someone if you’re not just looking for a fling- I’ve seen it last more than those dating in any other age group.


“Finally, senior year rolls around. You become more mature and think you’re ready to find someone to be with in college. This might work out great, or you might never see each other again. It’s kinda up in the air, but just be weary because it could end really ugly if you were not careful about it.


“Here’s the deal though- high school relationships are great but they also kind of suck. My advice is simple though- don’t settle. It’s taken me four years to realize that, but I think I’ve made the right decisions now, and I hope that I’ve found something that will last.”


Nate had some sound, solid advice. A few other students agreed with his words, but wanted to add some comments of their own.


Christopher Clark, a sophomore, said, “It’s really fun and special to find someone to be with in high school. You’re just starting to understand what it’s like to be attracted to someone and how to compromise and work to be with that person.” Jayla Pentleton, a junior, also added, “I think dating in high school is great. You always have a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk to about your day.”


It seems as if everyone thinks dating is a pretty positive thing in high school, but the ultimate decision is up to you. Only you know your own heart and feelings so decide which choice is best for you.

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