The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Emilee Jones

During the holidays, one of the most exciting things to do for Wayne City Schools is the Holiday Shoppe. The Holiday Shoppe is a shop for the grade school students to buy presents for their family members for Christmas. The kids enjoy being able to pick their own presents to give, and it makes it even more special for the parents to receive presents that their kids picked out on their own. It will be held December 3-14 during the school day in the WOVSED room which is located downstairs in the grade school wing. Each class will be allowed a time slot to shop and purchase gifts. Once each kid has picked out their gifts, someone will assist them in gift wrapping all of their presents. The gifts usually range anywhere from baby toys such as stuffed animals to bath bombs, candles, coffee mugs, boxed chocolates, coloring books, and even tools such as screwdrivers and small tool boxes. The proceeds go the Junior Class for their senior trip to Washington D.C. The sponsors for the Junior Class and the Holiday Shoppe are Ruth Kissner and Kelli Keen.