2018-19 Boys Basketball Preview

Kyle Sledge

The WCHS boys basketball season has just officially started, and the team is excited to finally play.  The team is getting a fresh start with an all new coaching staff for both JV and varsity. The players met the new varsity coach and had only a few open gyms with him before season.


This year’s new coaches are head coach Jim Corrona and assistant coach Jake Talbert.  Coach Talbert helped over the summer with last year’s assistant coach, Jeff Sledge. Coach Corrona took over the head coach position at the end of the summer while he still lived in Atlanta and was in the process of moving to Mt. Vernon, giving him limited days to meet with the players before the season started.


WCHS boys basketball is opening their season at Christopher’s Turkey Tournament, as they have done for several years.  Games start on November 19 and carry on until the November 24 with Wayne City playing Waltonville on the November 19. The team has only two seniors playing this year, Kyle Sledge and Dane Horton, both returning players.  


A Meet the Indians event is happening on Saturday November 17 starting at 6:30, introducing all the players, coaches, and cheerleaders for the 2018-19 season.  There will be games like a shoot out, knock out challenges, and the Indian varsity team vs. a mystery team.


Basketball has the longest season out of all the other sports available in the high school, ending at the earliest in March, depending on success in regional games.  Go out and support the boys basketball team at home and away games this year!