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Usages of CBD Oil

Rylee Greenwalt, Chieftain Editor

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CBD is one of many compounds, known as cannabinoids, in the cannabis plant. Researchers have been looking at the possible therapeutic uses of CBD. CBD oils are oils that contain concentrations of CBD. The concentrations and the uses of these oils change daily. It has been asked if CBD is marijuana. CBD is the most active ingredient in marijuana. THC and CBD are both found in marijuana, although these compounds have different effects. Mind altering drugs are very dangerous. Tetrahydrocannabinol being a mind-altering drug creates a high when using it in cooking or smoking it. The high takes the effect in these instances because heat is being applied. Heat breaks down THC allowing it to enter the body.

CBD differs from THC by not being psychoactive. Psychoactive means it will not change the state of mind, but it will change other body features. Hemp is the least processed form of the cannabis plant. Hemp contains most of the CBD that people use for their medicinal reasoning. Both hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, cannabis sativa. Hemp and marijuana are very different. Marijuana farmers choose to breed their plants with high levels of CBD. The compounds tend to produce a smell which affects the plant’s flowers.

People use prescription or over-the-counter drugs to relieve stiffness and pain, including chronic pain. CBD offers a more natural look on relieving pain. Authors of a study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine found that CBD significantly reduced chronic inflammation and pain in mice and rats. The researchers said the non-psychoactive compounds in marijuana, such as CBD, could provide a new treatment for chronic pain. By using CBD, the urge to smoke can die down while using CBD oil. CBD can reduce anxiety, mood-related symptoms, pain, and insomnia. Before trying out the oil on humans, researchers ran tests on the oil’s effectiveness for treating epilepsy. The FDA approved the use of CBD as a therapy for epilepsy.


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Usages of CBD Oil