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Autism Prevalence Now 1 in 40 US Kids

MaKenna Kelly, Photo Editor

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It is a parent’s worst nightmare to find out that your perfect-in-your-eyes child has autism. A survey of parents all across the United States found that 1 in every 40 children have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The information was collected from parents of more than 50,000 children that have ever received a diagnosis or are currently living with autism. However, the new numbers have lowered from the 2017 National Health Interview Survey. The parents in the survey have stated that it was harder to get the health care their child needs, versus a child with Down Syndrome. Thomas Frazier, chief science officer of the advocacy organization Autism Speaks, said “This confirms what we know from our parents — that many children face unacceptable delays in getting a diagnostic evaluation, even after parents, teachers or other caregivers have recognized the signs of autism.” Autism spectrum disorder, a lifelong developmental disability, is characterized by problems with communication and social interaction with accompanying repetitive behavior patterns.

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One Response to “Autism Prevalence Now 1 in 40 US Kids”

  1. Regina Johnson on January 2nd, 2019 9:07 pm

    My daughter has autisim. I’d like the school to educate the entire student body about autism, so the kids could have a better understanding of how much these children just want to fit in and be accepted just like everyone else.
    It’s harder for children with autism to fit in because they don’t respond to social cues and expressions like normal children. People assume they are dumb because they don’t no how to act in social settings. High school is mostly about being accepted and figuring out who you want to be and how to belong, but for these children it is very hard to do.
    Most people don’t even realize my daughter is on the autism spectrum, they just think she’s shy or different. It’s very interesting and sometimes entertaining to carry on a conversation with her, because of the way she sees things so literal.
    So if you ever want to work on a educational piece or educational information about autism and how to interact with those on the spectrum, I’d be glad to help.

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Autism Prevalence Now 1 in 40 US Kids