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Tears Shed Over Migrants…

Isaac Loker, Farmer

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On November 25th, 2018, the United States Border Patrol Agents were stormed at the U.S. – Mexico border by the migrant caravan that has been moving towards the border since earlier this year. The Border Patrol came under attack when some members of the caravan began to throw rocks and gas bottles at the Border Patrol Agents. Controversy has sparked over the media’s coverage of the use of the tear gas at the border, saying that the agents were too harsh, and that tear gas was unnecessary force.  Some feel that the mainstream media has chosen to cover only part of this controversy, and that part is only what the agents are doing under the Trump administration. Some media outlets state that, because the agents used tear gas while Donald Trump is president, Mr. Trump is catching heat for this and is partially getting blamed for it. Others feel that what the media isn’t covering is that tear gas was used almost an equal amount during the Obama administration as it was now under Trump.  Senator Lindsey Graham (R.- S.C.) blasted the mainstream media, saying about the left wing their “narrative that Trump is a cruel, heartless *Explicit* only works if he uses tear gas on kids.” Graham also said about the left’s coverage of the Obama administration’s use of tear gas that, “When he uses teargas, he’s protecting the country.” We shall see what becomes of this border crisis and whether the force used by border patrol becomes harsher or softer.

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Tears Shed Over Migrants…