How To Binge Watch

Rylee Greenwalt, Chieftain Editor

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The first step to binge watching is to set back time in order to watch as many episodes or movies as possible. Clear your schedule and do not commit to any other plans to allow time for several episodes or movies. Find a comfy spot to relax in, for this will be your binge watching spot for the period of time. The comfiest spot would be a roomy area with easy access to move around into a new position, grab drinks, and access snacks. A recliner or a couch is the most accessible spot to binge watch. Watching on a tv would be healthier on the binge watcher’s eyes, rather than a phone or computer screen.

Snacks are a no-brainer when it comes to binge watching. Extreme binge watchers might even invest in a mini fridge filled with a variety of their favorite snacks and drinks. To avoid being too unhealthy, throw in a few fruits or vegetables into the binge watching stash or swap soda with water. With hydration comes urination, so pause between episodes or movies to take a bathroom break or to loosen up muscles from binge watching.

Choosing the show relies on the genre of your choice. Use a streaming service or check local television channels for marathons of television shows. Inviting a friend to binge watch comes in handy if this friend has a subscription to a streaming service. Before the day of binge watching, choose a few interesting shows, invite a friend or two to relax and hangout during the binge watch, and order delivery if you are too lazy to cook at home. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the binge watching!

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