Nice Guys Finish Last

Dane Horton

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It takes more than just smiling and saying hello to everyone to be a nice person.  When you want to be considered a nice person, it’s almost a full-time job, rather than the occasional good deed.  Some people are just born nice and have a great personality their whole life. Others, however, acquire this trait later in life maybe after a life-changing choice.  I don’t know where I fall in that spectrum, but I do attempt to be as good of a guy as I can. Here are some tips if you are wanting to follow that lifestyle as well.

Control your anger.  Take this from someone who gets mad at the drop of a hat, you will always feel bad about the things you say or do in a fit of rage.  It is not worth it, so why bother? The best things to do when feeling a little angry are as follows; bite your tongue, listen to music that cheers you up, and do something nice for someone.  That last one is especially important. Helping people and being generous has been scientifically proven to raise morale and self-worth in one’s own life. That brings me to the next thing on the list.  Make someone’s day. Look for opportunities to drop some of your own joy in others lives. Sit by someone who is usually alone at lunch. Talk to the kid that sits in the back of the class quiet. You never know how far something that small will impact someone’s life.

Being a nice person does not always feel good.  Sometimes people take advantage of you, or say something that they may not mean but were just looking for somebody to blow up on.  Just remember you never know what that person is going through and always follow the example set forth by our savior Jesus Christ.

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