How To Save Money While in High School

Jayla Pendleton

Are you a high school student that wants to start saving money? Do you spend your money as soon as you get it? Do you want to overcome that problem? This how-to article has 4 tips on how you can stop buying stuff and start saving your money!


1. Don’t make impulse purchases.

Do you have the urge to buy whatever you see in sight? You can save money by shopping for what you need, not what you want.


  1. Sell what you no longer use or need.

Do you have a phone that you no longer use? Do you have clothes you don’t wear anymore? You can sell the items that you no longer use on social media such as Facebook or you can also sell them on eBay!


  1. Keep track of your spending

Make a budget. As soon as you make your budget, keep track of what you spend your money on!


  1. Apply for scholarships.

Applying for scholarships is very important. You can get a scholarship for about any career path that you choose. For scholarships, you can go to


Now start saving!