How To Study For A Test

MaKenna Kelly, Photography Editor

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Everyone is different in many different ways. Daily routines are different, appetites are different, looks are different, and everyone’s brain is different. So, it is hard for teachers to be able to teach every student as much as needed before a test. Although they try, their best it is nearly impossible to fit every need of their students. So, that is when responsibility comes in hand and it is time for the students to get the extra knowledge and help they need. There are numerous ways to study and learn.

Going up to the teacher after class or during a free period for help will probably be the best way to learn and should be the first step taken. The teacher can give practice tests, study guides, or even extra help if it is asked for. After the teacher has given out everything they have to offer, it is time to go home and hit the books to make sure the information is truly understood. Rewriting the problem or word, rereading the chapter, and going over the study guide may help with preparation the test and are normally the most common steps taken.

Make sure to get a full night’s rest before the test, and eat a good breakfast. Maybe go over the study guide again just to make sure everything is memorized. The most important step of studying is to not freak out and get overwhelmed. Remember, you got this!

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