How to Prepare for Senior Year

Caitlyn Dickey

Everyone is always ready for their senior year of high school to come sooner than it actually does, but are you ever really prepared for senior year? First, get your regular school supply list. Once you have all of your supplies and school starts, it is easier to stay organized and be on top of things in your classes. Turn in assignments on time and get involved in clubs.

About the middle of the year, scholarships will start popping up your way. The easiest way to keep all of your scholarships in line, is to put them in a different file in your email. This way, you can find the scholarship that you need to fill out and which ones you do not qualify for.

It will start getting harder to focus and not to procrastinate as much as you probably already do now. Some ways to avoid procrastination, is to set goals, get rid of distractions, set deadlines, and take some 15-minute breaks from your project.

Keep your head focused, and stay on track for graduation. It will help you immensely to get through the year. Everyone says senior year will go by fast, so take your time and do not rush it away.