Get It Together

Maggie Dickey

As a graduating senior, I have recently been reflecting on the past four years.  I’ve thought about my successes and failures.  I’ve thought about my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned from them.  Through it all, there is one very simple thing I have realized that has helped make high school easier, and that is being organized.  Being organized is key in being successful in all that you do.  The following tips are easy to make a part of your regular routine and will help you stay grounded when life is pulling you in a hundred different directions.  


  1. Get a Planner and Keep it Updated:  

           Go through and add important dates such deadlines, sporting events, family

           commitments, and social events.  These are top priority, so have them in your

           planner first.  Keeping track of your schedule is absolutely necessary to staying



  1. Make a “To Do” List:

         In addition to your planner, make a list of things that you need to accomplish.  

         As soon as you think of something, add it to the list.  This will insure it won’t slip

         away again and will help you to accomplish things on time.  


  1. Use a Binder:

        Organize a binder tailored for your needs.  One method is to have a notebook and a

         folder the same color for each class.  This is a way to keep all papers and notes for

         one class in the same place, which will help to be prepared for each class.


   4 . De-clutter Regularly

         Keep papers filed in their proper place.  Avoid shoving loose papers in your books,

         backpack, locker, or car.  Don’t allow them to pile up in your room, either.  If it is

         something that is no longer needed, get rid of it.   


  1. Manage Your Time Wisely

        As a teenager, it is easy to let time slip away while hanging out with friends or on

         social media.  Find time for friends, but stay focused and get rid of distractions.

         Establish a routine.  Prepare for your day the night before.  Get enough sleep

         each night.  Don’t put off work, but begin assignments immediately.


If you think being organized takes too much time, remember the words of Benjamin Franklin, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”  Being organized isn’t about being perfect. It’s about customizing your whole world to work for YOU!