The College Application Process

Shauna Roesch

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Applying to college can be both an exciting and stressful time. If you act step by step, the process could be made easier.


Step 1: Choose which colleges you wish to apply. Apply to more than one so you have more than one plan.


Step 2: Gather all the information the college needs for your application.  Many colleges ask for your high school transcript, ask you to write a letter, and ask for the sports, club, and achievements you’ve done during high school.


Step 3: Visit the colleges of your choice. The college may look perfect on paper, but you need to make sure its the one for you. By scheduling a tour you’ll get to see the whole campus, meet and learn more along the way.


Step 4: Wait.  Waiting can be one of the longest processes.  Many colleges can take up to a few months to send you an acceptance letter.  Be patient, but keep your hopes high.


Step 5: If you’ve been accepted to more than one college, you must now decide which one you plan to attend.  Choose the best college for you based on the courses they offer, but also decide which college you think you would have the best experience at!


Step 6: Begin applying for scholarships.  There are scholarships for all types of things, and many are available for anyone.  You can find many online, but also make sure to talk to your school counselor.


Step 7: Possibly the most fun step is preparing to become a student at your chosen college.  From meeting a new roommate to picking classes to choosing which new clubs you’d like to join, college is often claimed to be the most fun time of people’s lives.  


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