How To KEEP A Boyfriend

Hanah Cooper, Editor

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Congratulations! You’ve made it this far. You’ve gone through the steps in obtaining a boyfriend, now you must learn how to keep one. Here are your basic guidelines for keeping your honey all about you.




This is what every boyfriend expects and also puts forth in a new relationship. Kids in this day and age are high maintenance and are very difficult to keep happy. The easiest way to keep a teen happy is to spoil them. Now, take this into account: there are different types of spoiling in different stages in a relationship. When you first start out, going all-out is key. Start by posting pictures of your boyfriend to social media, bringing him little surprises, buying him food, and keep telling him what he means to you. Slowly as you go along, you can do some of these less often, but never stop all together. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.


Hide Your Crazy, Act Like A Lady


Men love to talk about how “crazy” women are. In some cases, women get a little wild, but they do not always. Just make sure that if you are one of these girls who is just a little too over protective or likes to snoop a lot, you reel it back a little bit as to not scare a boy off. They are very easily frightened.


Talk Him Up


Boyfriends- or really just men in general- love to be praised and hyped up. Remember this.Tell your man how good he looks in that new shirt, even if it fits a little funny around his chest. Tell him about how big and strong he is, even if you have to open the pickle jar for him. Tell him that he is the best looking man you’ve ever seen, even if you are watching Thor. It’s all about making him feel like he is as good as he believes he is.


Be Yourself Over All


No one likes someone who is two-faced. Sometimes a girl needs to hide her frustration, but not her personality. Talk about the things that matter to you. Don’t pretend like you know the difference between Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption, and NBA 2k18 if you really don’t. The relationship is not about molding yourself into a different person to please each other- it is about working together to be better people together. Also, if along the way you realize this guy may just not be the one for you, remember that no relationship is going to define you and that there is better out there waiting. So keep this boyfriend, or keep looking. Do what makes you the happiest you.

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