Harper Takes America By Storm

Emilee Jones

Winter storm Harper made its appearance January 16 2019 on the West Coast. Harper dropped more than four feet of snow in Nevada. The wind gusted around 130 mph in Sierra Nevada at times. As the storm moved east, it continued to snow in Utah on January 17. Over the next few days, the storm had moved to some of the Midwest region. Freezing rain caused the roads to become more dangerous and power lines to go down. Several interstates were closed due to these conditions. By January 20, Harper had reached the East Coast, leaving some of the northeast with two feet of snow. Warm air hit some of New England before Harper reached the coast. This caused mostly rain for cities like New York City and Cape Cod. Due to rain, some of the east coast had minor flooding. Harper caused 10 fatalities and thousands of canceled flights over the United States. While this was a rough storm for some places, many kids enjoyed playing in the snow while they were stuck inside during the storm. Winter Storm Harper was one for the books.