Reaching the Final Goal

Shauna Roesch

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Another Senior Night is coming up on Saturday, January 26.  On this night, the girls basketball team will play against Johnston City. The game will be bittersweet for the team’s two seniors, Maggie Dickey and Hanah Cooper. They’ve played more than 4 years and loved every minute of it.  While this game could be the last one for the seniors, Dickey kept her spirits high. “It was a fun last basketball season and I will miss playing,” she spoke.

Reaching the final game of their high school career, many emotions can be felt.  From sadness to excitement to nerves, the girls impatiently wait all week for the game. Cooper has high hopes for the game.  She spoke about the night saying, “I feel like it’s going to be a good game for the team. I’m nervous like any senior would be, but I’m more so excited.” She continued by showing her pride in being an Indian, “I’m always proud to represent my school on the court and I definitely won’t let my last game be a waste.”


The whole team played their hardest this year and even with Dickey and Cooper finishing up their basketball career, the team next year won’t be lacking.  With new freshmen joining the team and juniors moving up into senior positions, they will give their rivals a run for their money.


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