February PBIS day of Fun

Shauna Roesch

With another month comes another 30 days of good student behavior. During the month of February, students were rewarded if they had no absences. The students who succeeded in being present all month got to spend their third and fourth hour classes on Friday, March 1 having some fun.  Students got to choose between 4 different activities; playing Wii or Playstation games, playing board and card games, or playing basketball in the gym.


Every month, PBIS leader and English teacher Ms. Kim Smith comes up with a new good behavior for teachers to look for and a reward for those high school students who follow them. Rewards from previous months included no tardies, no missing or late work, no hall passes, no phones, etc.  


The behavior for March has not yet been announced. When it does, take initiative and participate.  You won’t regret it!