Girls Only!

Caitlyn Dickey

On Friday, March 1, the FFA girls attended the Women Changing the Face of Agriculture conference. There were 12 girls that went on this trip. They left at 5:00 in the morning and traveled all the way to Decatur. 

Women Changing the Face of Agriculture is a conference that shows young girls here are many opportunities out there in the agriculture world. Women are actually changing the agriculture world too. There are many women out there that had it tough back in the day when people thought that men should be the only people in that field. All of these tough women have made it easier for the upcoming generation that will be taking on these jobs. They sat through a discussion where four ladies answer some questions that they had about what they have gone through. After the discussion, they had a career fair sat up and the girls got to see all of the different jobs that are out there. Next, they went to a breakout session where someone taught them something about agriculture.

This conference will make people think about all the different opportunities in agriculture and show that it is easier to get involved than most people think.