The First Base Line

Hanah Cooper, Editor

The 2019 softball and baseball seasons kicked off on Monday, February 25. The teams are starting off their seasons with some cold and rainy weather and are struggling to utilize their fields for practices. However, both teams are still very excited to get the season rolling.


The softball girls were excited to get started with new coaches and a new environment this year. Lizabeth Landreth, a new freshman, shared that she was, “definitely excited to play because it’s my first year playing and I’m really enjoying the sport. I am not however excited to practice and play in this freezing cold weather.”

Sophomore and second year player Sydnee Greenwalt had her own input. “I always have fun on the field with these girls, and I know we’re ready to give it out all this year. I couldn’t ask for a better team then the one I was so thankfully given. We’re ready to make this year count!”

Meghan Anderson, junior, said, “I’m excited to see some improvement from last season and to really be able to play as a team. I think the relationship between our coaches and players is much better compared to last year and that will definitely help with our team dynamic.”

Rylee Greenwalt decided her senior year was the best time to take the sport back up again. She stated, “I am super excited to see what our season has in store for us. We have great potential on the team!”


The boys on the baseball team have been spending a lot of time together since they play in the fall and practice throughout winter. However, that does not affect how fired up they are about the spring season swinging in.

Clay Reed is totally ready to get round two of Freshman year going. However, he only had a few choice words of advice for his teammates. “The keys to winning baseball games are pitching, fundamentals, and three-run homers.”

Sophomore Jarrett Lewis has been waiting for the moment he could get out on the field since his basketball season ended. He says, “I’m so ready to stand at home plate and watch the balls fly over the outfield fence as I get ready to trot around the bases. Though, I’m not really looking forward to the strikeouts. Don’t worry though, there won’t be many of those.”

Third year player Kent Miller shared his thoughts on the whole year. “The fall season was pretty good, and I’m excited to see how we will stand up against what comes at us this spring since we have worked so hard all through the winter. I really think it’s going to pay off.”

Cole Clark is about to wrap up his senior year with this season before he moves on to play at Greenville University. For his closing thoughts, he says, “We have been pretty good for the last three years and I don’t intend on letting my last year in high school be the year we start to suck again.”