Florida Man Sets His Car on Fire with Molotov Cocktails

Kyle Sledge

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In Orange County, Florida, a man was arrested for allegedly throwing molotov cocktails at his own impounded car.  The owner of the car lot, Darnell Adams said, “He came back and started throwing gas cocktail bombs over the fence on his own car.”  The arrest report says that the man, Ayub Abdulrahman, went to go get his car, but ended up setting it on fire.


The lot owner said he was about to give Abdulrahman the keys because he payed him $300 to get his car. On his way to Abdulrahman, he saw him throwing the molotov cocktails at the car. “Everything is on camera, and I showed it to the cops,” Adams said. “I mean it’s just clear as day, throwing like three, four, five gas bombs over the fence.” “I didn’t even own it anymore. He was getting it out.”  Adams walked around a corner to see Abdulrahman running away and he chased him until deputies were able to arrest him. He said that his mechanic was able to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher, and no other cars were damaged.  The State Fire Marshal’s Office is currently investigating the event.