Arming Schools

Dane Horton

School shootings are one of the worst things in our country.  Nothing is worse than hearing about a bunch of kids being slaughtered in a space that is supposed to be safe for them.  There have been many attempts to stop these shootings, but so far none have worked. In fact, the number of shootings has gone up.  With as many people dying as there are, something needs to change. Extreme problems require extreme solutions.

Whether teachers should be armed or not has been a question asked repeatedly for over a decade.  It only makes sense. How do you stop a gun but with a gun? Guns are unmatchable, and no matter how many places there are to hide in a school there will always be some casualties in shootings.  Therefore, what makes more sense: sitting and waiting to be shot or eliminating the problem and preventing more possible injury? What fixes the problem of two school shooters roaming the halls? At least two bullets.

We need armed staff in our schools.  It is the only way that change is ever going to happen in this country.  Gun free zones only invite people with guns to walk in. A shooter is not going to go somewhere where they are possibly going to get shot. They will choose the place where they know that the people they want to kill are defenseless.