Why do we have to go to Post Prom?

Caitlyn Dickey

Post prom isn’t anything new to our high school and surrounding high schools. Over the years, the trips have gotten bigger and bigger, but do people actually know why we have these trips and stay up the whole night?

Administration has learned a lesson over the years about prom, and that is to keep the students safe. Back before schools had post prom, students would leave during or after prom and go party. Partying usually consist of drinking alcohol or anything else they want to do. After the students had drank, they would drive back home, or do something they weren’t suppose to and get in an accident. This sometimes ended with a death. Since all of this started happening, many schools wanted to make sure that the students stayed safe after prom, and they remember prom for the rest of their life.

The last couple of years, Wayne City has gone to some type of arcade for post prom. This year, the students were wanting something a little different than what they normally do every year. The students on the prom committee chose to go to Sky Zone in Fairview Heights. This Sky Zone has two stories and has more than just trampolines. They also have an American Ninja Warrior course.

All the students are very excited to go Sky Zone and hope that they have a wonderful time. Senior Dane Horton commented, “I can’t wait for someone to attempt to teach me how to do another back flip. I love back flips.”