Florida Men on the run after Stealing Claw Machine

Dawson Barnard

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After apparently deciding they were done spending all their money on trying to win claw machines, 3 Florida men found a much more extreme strategy.  The three men, still at large, stole the claw machine from the St. Johns County Walmart. The three men were caught on surveillance cameras loading the claw machine into the back of an older Ford F-150.  News4Jax, a Jacksonville Florida news station, released the video.  The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office posted a tweet saying, “The suspects advised the assistant manager of Walmart that they were there to pick up a broken claw machine and proceeded to remove the machine from the property.”  Ironically, one of the men is pictured in a t-shirt that has “security” printed on it. The men are now the primary suspects of a previous claw machine theft in Gainesville, Florida.  While speaking with News4Jax, Chuck Mulligan, who works with the sheriff’s office, tried to explain the motives of the thieves saying, “Anything like this can be resold, especially to an unsuspecting individual.  The likelihood that they would travel a great distance with this in the back of the truck is not as likely as someone who has a place to take it, get it out of inclement weather, etc., rather quickly.” The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office is still searching to find the ‘Claw Machine Crooks,’ and anyone, with additional information on the thieves, is asked to contact Deputy A. Toubaili at [email protected]