The Florida Man Challenge

Hanah Cooper, Editor

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The Florida Man challenge has been swirling around the internet for a few weeks now. Everyone knows that Florida men are notorious for getting themselves in crazy situations that usually lead to an arrest. Thankfully, the challenge does not of consist of doing some sort of wild act to draw the attention of the media and of the police. Instead, it is only a Google challenge. The challenge consists of googling the term “Florida man” and your birth date (i.e. “Florida man January 1).

Twitter has been getting plenty of laughs out of the whole challenge after the user @g_pratimaaa Tweeted out the funny idea on March 19. “Swervin merv,” the name set on the account, posted the original tweet saying, “EVERYBODY google “Florida man” followed by your birthday (Florida man august 22) and tell me what you get. mine is Florida Man tries to attack neighbor with tractor.” The original post has gotten hundreds of thousands of replies already and has moved on to other platforms to share all the fun and laughs with people on every social media website. Let us know what your bizarre Florida man story is! (In case you were wondering, mine is “Florida Man threatens to kill someone with ‘Kindness’- the name of his machete.”)