History Club

Andrew White

Wayne City History Club has big goals for the 2019-2020 year.  Mr. Lamar Choate, WCHS History Club Sponsor, holds new and improved ideas and goals. The goals for this year are a little different than past years an address old WCHS yearbooks and school newspapers. This year, club members will try to get all the hard copies securely stored and begin putting electronic copies online. 

“I plan to raise $1,500 or more at our Wayne City trivia night,” said Mr. Choate.  The money club members raise will go toward online projects, storage furniture, and the end of the year trip to New Harmony, Indiana. If club funds run short and the trivia night doesn’t come up with the money expect it to, history club may have to host another fundraiser. 

There is a history club meeting next Friday, September 7, in the performance gymnasium. This meeting will cover voting positions including president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Once these positions are filled the club will discuss the perks, requirements, and when what and where all of this will take place. 

Mr. Choate stresses that students who need extra credit can talk with him, and he will then teach the students how to scan old yearbooks and school newspaper for an online copy.