Running Away from the Competition

Austin Schuster

The Wayne City Indians ran over to Fairfield last Tuesday the 27 for their first meet of the year.  Junior, Austin Schuster, and freshmen, Chase Smith, co-op with Fairfield. This is the third year of the co-op, as it has been renewed this summer. This is Chase’s first year and he started out well with a time of 20:49, which was good enough for 4th place on the team and, 33rd overall. Austin Schuster is going into his junior season and is looking forward to every race. He started the season with a time of 18:33, which earned him 1st place on the team, and 13th overall. The rest of the team ran well for the Mules on Tuesday. Jacob Britt, a junior, was second overall on the team, and had a time of 19:08, which earned him 16th overall, coming in third for the Mules. Sophomore, Tyrek Jackson, ran well for a time of 20:16, which was good enough for 26th place overall. Trenton Rutherford also ran successfully for his first meet, coming in 36th place overall with a time of 21:47.  According to Chase Smith, his thoughts on his first race were all positive. He said, “It was a great experience, and my teammates were all encouraging. They gave all of us newer kids the advice we needed to succeed, and everyone worked really hard!” The Mules are looking forward to continuing their season on September 10 at Benton High School at 5 p.m.