Back to School

Kylie Reed

It’s here, it’s here, that time of year: the time that most kids of Wayne City High School and Grade School have been dreading. There are a select few students who don’t dread it. Most people have probably guessed by now that the dreaded even is ‘back to school.’ Some students don’t dread going back to school, because they can hang out with their friends at lunch and during classes.  They love school so much, because it is a way for them to interact with new people. This year, Wayne City High School has six foreign exchange students as well as three additional new students. After Sophomore Abby Reed, who has been going to school at Wayne City her whole life, was asked what makes her feel welcome in this school, Abby said, “ What makes me feel welcome in this school is that every time I walk in the school in the mornings, I get told “Hi.” They compliment me on how I look that day, and people always ask me how my day is going.”