Exchange Student

Libby Williams

Wayne City High School welcomes six foreign exchange students this year. The students arrived on August 11 and started their first day of school in the United States on August 15.

Jack and Hollie Kelly have taken in Darren Duwez and Giacmo (Jack) Erba to be their host parents. They will both be playing on the basketball team this year. Darren is from Belgium and is 18 years old and Jack is from Italy and is 16 years old. When asked what his favorite thing about living in Wayne City so far was and Darren said, “I love the closeness and acceptance. Everyone is so welcoming, and I really love and appreciate it.”  When asked about the one thing he would bring from Italy to Wayne City would be, Jack said, “The food and city life.”

The host parents of Francesca Bezzi and Alicia Garellick are Joe and Trish McCormick. When asked how her school back home was different from Wayne City High School, Francesca, 17 from Italy, answered ‘Back in Italy you do not get to choose your classes and there is no lunch period.’ When asked about what the hardest part of leaving her hometown was, Alicia, 18 from Belgium,  replied “Leaving my friends and family.”

Greg and Samantha Anselment are hosting Greta Merle and Matilde Meriggi. Greta is the only junior foreign exchange student this year. She is 16 years old and is from Germany. When asked what her favorite class this year was and why Greta responded, “Art is my favorite because it is a very chill class.” Matilde is 17 years old and from Italy. When asked what the one thing about Wayne City High School she could change would be, Matilde said, “It is all amazing. I love everything, but I’d like to add more sports.”

Wayne City students and staff are pleased to have them this year and the students are excited to see what this brings for them!