Hoopin’ in the Heat

Travis Dickey

In preparation for a big season, the Wayne City Indians had an impactful summer full of growth, development, and team bonding. The Indians traveled to Topeka, Wichita, Vandalia, and Benton this summer in search of competition to get them ready for the grueling season that awaits them.

The Indians started their summer expedition in Benton, which brought local teams together and set the mood for what’s to come in later tournaments. The Indians went 5-0 in this tournament.

The Indians set out to play in the South Central Shootout, where they really clicked in this tournament and went 4-0 in play.

The Indians set up their own tournament and really held their own to protect home court. The team went 4-0 here as well. 

The next destination on the schedule was Vandalia, where the team faced tough competition. They went 5-3 and really grew as a team here. 

While in Topeka, the Indians went 3-2 while playing some tough competition. This was a great test for the boys, and playing unknown competition and not having a scouting report really let them know how well they can play together. 

Wichita was one of the biggest tournaments for growth and team bonding. The Indians not only played tough competition and went 2-3, but grew closer as a team. Coach Corrona took the boys to watch an alumni game in the Wichita State University Arena.

According to senior, Andrew White, “This summer has successfully prepared us for the season ahead.” Going 21-8 in summer play, the boys are very excited and anxious for November to roll around and see what they can do!