4-H at the Wayne County Fair


Meghan Anderson

Every summer, many kids in Wayne County look forward to the county fair. Several students at Wayne City High School actively participate in 4-H. Austin Schuster, Colt Henson, Lainey McKinney, and Allie McKinney all show beef at the fair. Chelsey Greenwalt shows swine, Meghan Anderson shows beef and her dog. Even though Hallie Musgrave shows poultry, she says, “Naps in the hog barn are lit.”

As some of the older 4-Hers, these kids are responsible for being positive role models and helping new 4-H members.

Austin Schuster stated, “As I get older, I know now I need to pass info and tips to help the younger kids.” This shows that 4-H helps grow youth’s knowledge about taking charge and leadership. Some 4-Hers believe that the fair is a must-go every summer. Chelsey Greenwalt stated, “Having the opportunity to show and have a good county fair are essential for a good summer.”

Aside from the work and shows, the 4-H federation team put on several activities for the members after hours. This year, they had a Battle of the Barns tournament. Similar to Battle of the Classes, each barn signed up for teams and there were games played including, dodge ball, capture the flag, and corn hole. Some students, such as 4-H participant Lainey McKinney might say, “Best week ever!”