Stressed or Blessed?

Lillian Borah

Every year is someone’s turn to be a senior and a variety of words can be used to describe the year in passing, but do students really know what they mean? For the past few days, Journalism has asked seniors at Wayne City High School how they felt about senior year. 

Senior, Alicia, mentioned, “ It feels weird! It all went so fast.” Emilee Jones, another senior, said, “It is surreal honestly; it really did go by faster than I thought it would.” Last but certainly not least, Meghan said, “It’s really crazy how fast it went, but I’m really glad it is almost over. I’m ready to move on.” Students feel like a lot of people are looking back and thinking that it has gone by too fast. 

Current seniors advise the underclassman not to take their younger years for granted. Once the last year gets here, graduates will miss it dearly. Most everyone, adult and senior, will give the same advice.