Bow Down to the Queen!

Lillian Borah

Jayla Pendleton, senior, had a glorious win Saturday night at the Wayne City Bean Queen. Jayla Pendleton said, “I joined Bean Queen to participate in a fun activity.” What a fun activity it turned out to be for her! What could have possibly been going through Jayla Pendleton’s mind when the judges called her name? The Queen stated, “I felt so excited and shocked. It felt like a dream.” This is a dream that Jayla Pendleton doesn’t have to wake up from, what a blessing! Another question for Queen Jayla Pendleton was what advice would she give future Bean Queen participants and she replied,” Go into Bean Queen to have fun. You can make a difference in the world, even without a title.” Jayla Pendleton has always had some of the greatest advice when it comes to changing the world! So, how does Jayla feel she can change the world? Queen Pendleton says,” I feel like I can make a difference in the community. I want to serve the community in ways that nobody has served before. I want to be like Jesus, loving on others. I hope when the community sees me as 2019 Miss Bean Queen they know they are loved and cared for.” Wayne City High school is so lucky to have senior, Jayla Pendleton, as the 2019 Bean Queen winner!