Jayla Pendleton, Warwhoop editor

On September 17, 2019, the senior class of 2020 went to Rend Lake for the Illinois Regional College Fair Day. The day is presented by the Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling, or also known as IACAC. College fair day was located in the Rend Lake College James “Hummer” Waugh Gymnasium. The seniors looked around at colleges, including Alma College and the University of Evansville, also known as UE.

When asked about what college/university caught his eye, Kyle Borah said, “ Alma College. It is in Michigan and I love Michigan.” Looking for a college can be stressful for seniors. College fair day allows seniors to see what options are out there. When asked about what he was going to take away from the experience, Joey Scott said, “College is expensive. Pick the program that is right for you.” 

Going to college is not the only option out there. Some students go straight from high school to the workforce. Joining the military and traveling are also two other alternatives. If all the student can think about is getting out of his or her town and exploring some other part of the world, then traveling may be the best option. Traveling to one or more foreign countries is a great way to experience other cultures, learn more about oneself, and equip oneself with cultural knowledge to apply in the global economy, according to

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Jayla Pendleton
Seniors Marcus Durham, Kaiden Taylor, and Travis Dickey enjoy eating at McDonald’s after the trip.