Reneki Embry: The Retiring Queen

Libby Williams, Reporter

Reneki Embry, 2018 Miss Bean Queen, walked the stage for the last time and retired her crown on September 21. The retired queen also handed every contestant a plaque that stated what made them stand out to the judges, gave 1st and 2nd runner ups their sashes and trophies, and crowned the new Miss Bean Queen. 

When asked about how she felt when announced Miss Bean Queen last year, Reneki said ‘I was flabbergasted! I even waited to make sure it was right.’ Though she was unsure of what was announced, when she went onto the stage, she owned it! 

One of Reniki’s favorite parts about being in the Miss Bean Queen Pageant was getting dressed up. Embry said ‘I just wanted a way to get a pretty dress and to get my hair and makeup done. I liked getting to know everyone and watching them look good.They did a great job.” Along with winning Miss Bean Queen last year, she was also awarded Best Dress by the judges. 

When asked what advice she would give a girl that wants to sign up for Miss Bean Queen, she responded, “All you have to do is be you, be happy, and be truthful when you are asked questions. Take a deep breath. Think of good things, like rainbows and unicorns! Remember that you are beautiful, amazing, and you can do it if you believe in yourself!’ 

Reneki’s fun and outstanding personality will be missed as Miss Bean Queen, but now she is on to new experiences!