Dead Infants Found in Basement

Avery Seidel

According to USA Today, two thousand two hundred and forty-six “medically preserved” fetuses were found in the garage of the abortionist, Ulrich Klopfer last week after he passed away on September 3. The attorneys general of Illinois and Indiana are persuing further investigation on how the remains got from Klopfer’s network of Indiana abortion clinics to his Illinois home and what laws might have been broken. Supposedly Klopfer is not the only abortionist to keep the trophies of his gruesome work nearby. Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist, also kept body parts in milk jugs and glass jars at his Philadelphia clinic before he was condemned in 2013 on three accounts of murder for snipping the spinal cords of babies born alive. Ulrich Klopfer’s clinic was also shut down after inspectors found worrying medical and record-keeping problems. Klopfer is not suspected to be a murderer, however, he has been condemned for his low standards. While defending himself, he restated how he executed a 10-year old rape victim. He was also charged with failing to report carrying out with two 13-year old abortions.

In another case, a local abortion clinic was said to have “dirty equipment, expired medication in unlocked cabinets, lax storage of medical records and failure of staff to sterilize and maintain medical equipment and follow hand-washing protocols.” The Post documented, “a patient had to be rushed to a local emergency room for prolonged bleeding after sutures were not available at the clinic … In another, a nurse used a plunger to unclog a toilet and then held a patient’s hand during a surgical procedure without changing scrubs.”