There’s A New Sheriff In Town!

Travis Dickey


Two years ago, Wayne City High School was blessed with a new boys’ basketball coach. This man is Jim Corrona, a 77 year old man with 60+ years of coaching under his belt. No one in the school knew what he had to offer, but they were excited for the journey. 

It all started when the Grade School Boys’ Basketball team wanted Corrona to do one of his world-renowned Shooting Camps. Corrona has traveled the world doing shooting camps and teaching thousands of children how to shoot the basketball the correct way, even working with the Jr. NBA for a short stint in Vietnam! 

Before the start of the 2018-2019 Boys’ Basketball Season, the boys had a total of 18 days with coach before their first game. This amount of time, for any other coach, wouldn’t be enough time to teach everyone everything there is to know about their style of basketball. However, according to the boys, Jim Corrona is a different animal. Coach taught the entire team his offense, defense, play calls, and even cracked plenty of jokes in the process. Even with the short amount of time the team had before the first game, The Indians still managed to have a winning record of 15-11 under the instruction of Coach Corrona. 

As the Indians prepare for the upcoming season, they are hoping to have more success this year than last year, as they have a bit more than 18 days to get ready for battle! Coach has been working the boys all summer and is looking to make a run at another regional championship for Wayne City’s elusive history! As Coach would say, “It’s gonna be a fun year!”