2019 Journalism Ad Sales Day


Emilee Jones

One of the most anticipated days of the school year for journalism students is ad sales day. Ad sales day is a day journalism students get a full day out of school to drive themselves to local businesses and try to sell them ads. The class always turns it into a competition to see who can sell the most ads. Yearbooks are very expensive to make and they need to raise $15,000 in order for the books to be sold at a reasonable price. The yearbook staff wants everyone to be able to afford a book so they try their hardest and work countless hours making trips and phone calls to businesses who they think will be interested in supporting the yearbook. The journalism group split into groups of three, making seven groups of students. Each group was assigned either Fairfield, Mt. Vernon, or McLeansboro and approximately 60 businesses they were to visit. Students were to check in every hour with Mrs. Keen by sending a picture of the group. Each group was able to pick where they wanted to each lunch at making the day even better. When in a business each group had a money bag, time sheet, and contracts. When the business agreed to by an ad they would be asked to fill out a contract and sign the time sheet for Mrs. Keen to know where all the group had visited. At 3 in the afternoon, each group returned to Mrs. Keen’s room to return the money, contracts, and time sheet, and discuss their day, students were then able to go home after talking to Mrs. Keen. Each year, students beg for another ad sales day, but unfortunately, they only get one.