Strike! You’re Out!


Meghan Anderson, Reporter

Sunday, September 22, senior Meghan Anderson played softball for her fall team, Diamond Xplosion in Carmi, IL. There were four teams at the tournament, coming from Wayne County, Edwards county, White County, Jefferson County and Richland County.

Anderson pitched two out of three games and averaged 25 strikeouts and 3 walks per game. Each game had a 70 minute time limit. The first game the team played was an easy win of 12-1 in three innings. The second game was a loss of 1-2 in four innings, and the third was won 6-4 in four innings, snagging second place in the tournament.

Anderson has played for Diamond Xplosion for two years now, and she has been the starting pitcher both years. She has a solid fastball averaging 55 mph and change-up averaging 35 mph. She is currently working on a drop ball and curve ball. 

Coach Tony Goldman stated concerning the games, “I’m so proud of the effort these girls put in these games. Definitely a beautiful day to play. Sunny and 75 isn’t too bad to ask for if I do say so myself. I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls.”

After the day was over, Diamond Xplosion worked hard for their wins and losses of the day and were proud to leave with second place under their belts.