The New Voice of the Announcements


Emma McCormick

This year Jayla Pendleton decided to take on the role of making announcements every morning. When asked why, she said, “It was a good opportunity to get me out of my comfort zone.” The announcements happen daily here at Wayne City High School. They take place during activity period and keep students up to date about current events, club meetings, and many more events. For the past two years, Nate Barbee has done the announcements for the high school. However, since he graduated, he has passed the very important job down to Jayla. “I decided to pass this job down to Jayla, because I felt like she was the most responsible and reliable person for the position,” Nate says. “I felt like she should be the one in charge and ‘carry the torch’ onto the next student she chooses,” he added. 

Jayla has been active in extracurricular activities like this since freshman year, so she thinks this position is perfect for her. All throughout high school, she has been involved in student council and the red ribbon team. She is on the cheer team and participates in clubs like Beta Club and FCCLA. Wanting to get more involved, she began doing the pledge every morning her sophomore and junior year, which led her to doing our daily announcements. Jayla is part of everyone’s daily routine at Wayne City High School, and hopes to pass on the announcements to someone just as great next year.